Thursday, 4 September 2014

Arriving Today in Middle Eastern Mayhem 04.09.2014

Al-Qaeda, the spring for recent Western policy could have been isolated and dealt with by encouraging cooperation with middle-ground Moslem. Promise of investment and a better Afghanistan evaporated as attention was distracted to Saddam Hussain from Osama Bin Laden. Meanwhile the warlords re-established themselves again and the Taliban gained strength in the perception their country had been invaded by the West. Two wars if it is possible to perceive them as that. Afghanistan was one of the poorest countries in the world: from footage now, the inhabitants look even poorer, and Pakistan has been further de-stabilised by the forays of drones. Iraq had been so weakened by sanctions; one could not help to perceive opposition to the West was minimal on both counts.
Prior to sanctions Iraq was not a Third World Country. Each war singled out one man, as with Syria, Libya and now Russia all portrayed as most evil this aided by popular press and television. This country was never in my memory like this. We had developed beyond the stocks and mud-slinging and much worse.
America learnt with Syria it did not need to drop bombs to create mayhem. By supplying the opposition, (of whichever creed as it changes- usually a minority) it has increased and extended the bloodshed and helped with the aid of British to add millions of refugees. Millions had fled Iraq to Syria to be met by the same. If other countries destruct themselves it is one way of remaining omnipotent.
A government had been democratically elected in Egypt. Help to opposition has reversed that and the last count I heard of those given the death sentence by the new regime was in excess of 600. My understanding is regime change is still illegal under the UN.
In Libya, again arms supplied: destroying regimes, however bad the West may think they are, helping to destroy infrastructure and not giving, putting aiding, organising any form of anything in its place has merited this policy brutal to the millions of innocent inhabitants, suffering children and will do, from psychological scars for generations.
Russia is feeling similar isolation and treatment as Saddam Hussain. As bad as perhaps the Cold War was; blood was not a large feature, nor the displacement of masses:  each power curtailed the other one. Since the West has had no curbs, look where we are. The making and selling of armaments aids ailing economies, A little imagination could divert killing machines into sustainable living as we face the challenges of a changing planet.
 But where is this policy to end, Iran, Pakistan at the moment it appears the escalation is to take off. Is it about goodies in the ‘Stan’ or resources are limited so only a few should partake, as with Israel’s policy with the Palestinians where over 75 percent of their water taken. The stance of high moral ground and posturing of the West no longer has credence.
Quite frankly, I think I can say all these countries would have been better off without western intervention. We should not be surprised America wants to drop more bombs and has gathered friends to support it at these talks in Wales.
The end of the Cold war for security services would have been bad news, their numbers increase the bigger the enemy. There is a vested interest and it appears it is not curbed by Politian’s in fact it appears the former who are in charge.
It would be difficult to envisage 

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