Sunday, 24 April 2016

Keith of the Lone Snowflake or Making the Difference

24/04/2016 inspired by a rant- Keith
Keith of the Lone Snowflake or Making the Difference!

Transformed and sent beyond the plane
where planes before could never go
as Keith twirled fast
into  space multiplying
hurling beyond the planets!

Back-packing back
expletives soared
back to the world
hair, body-
they were gone
he now knew
he was Anon.

Cold yet different
he became a flake
which could not be the same –
as any other
and dancing in a different way
to any other flake
quick steps, fox trots
waltzing like non other
name a dancing flake?

A different game
non are the same
playing  in  a void
loving all
and dark black
greyness -  static

The loneliness
appeared to him
like freedom
well beyond
his vision imagination
he did not worry
he did not care
he had no angst
he had no anger
he would return to land
not bothered where he landed
all would be aware of the perfection
or non at all
he himself
a form of the perfection
the perfection of all
of where-when-how
past – present- and the future
at the same time
Always different……
And the perfection
in the difference!

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