Monday, 25 July 2016

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Blog 1

Blog appeared on the horizon today and had been suggested by those in positions perhaps you would raise a little above the sky line. The kernels rushed in early this morning, the major escaped and many busily followed. For poetry I merely explore one at a time, although others introduce themselves, they potentially are set elsewhere for other poems. Blog is so vast.
The glee apparent on Michael Crick’s face does not escape me. I would not term him a schadenfreude sort, I’m not, but there is infection in the air. Even the Conservatives are hopeful in broadening their appeal and taking the ground – all ground – with a comment it is theirs anyway. It was suggested perhaps they were taking advantage of the void on the opposite side which still ardently debates in various camps.
Some women within the traditional opposition have been having a difficult time allegedly suffering from hate and castigation. I would say join the other club! I have suffered much of these most of my life from both Parties.
The reasons for mine could be- for playing Devil’s Advocate however admirable in good intent: in practise manifests itself in unpopularity. Men comfortable in their beliefs do not necessarily tolerate being challenged by a small women. The small woman may be in search of truth for all the right reasons but not having tried to explain the reasons for her contradictions prior to the challenge: this does not feature as his neck turns red and blood begins to boil!
A single women too is tended to be viewed as a loose cannon not having a close male for others to appeal too if the cannon gets too loose! One who is reasonably able can also be perceived as threatening. Ostensibly too apparently comparatively to be perceived as having done quite well materially – is too viewed with derision (in my experience and location).
My sex also has been a problem. The ability to work physically hard with stamina and my tenacity have led in previous abode to be called lad or Mr on the phone and for receipts and bills and sometimes to my face.
The reasons for my own difficulties may not be the same as the Labour women but I believe the manifestation of hatred and the effects are similar.
If you believe no entity is exclusive, whether it is Parties, Religions or it leaves an area of potential common land on which to build, perhaps you may have a sympathetic ear.
Women generally are not part of top tables of decision making.  This to my mind is the reason for the debacle we are now placed within. My idea would be for the formation of a new Party: suggested name WAMA (Woman’s and Man’s Alliance) to further common sense and common good.
H. Bolton

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