Wednesday, 8 February 2017

Petition - Brexit - Cloaks of Many Colours

BLOG 9                                                                                 08/02/2017

Petition - Brexit - Cloaks of Many Colours?
(In reply to being asked to sign a petition in no confidence in the Government)

If I signed the Petition of “no confidence” are the perceived alternatives better? I would like to see more diverse Parties in touch with the Electorate. Rather than follow a leader (like sheep) vote per conscience and reflect the electorate within the Houses if Parliament (wherever they may reside in future). Please see 'A Breakfast Dinner' it is not like the EU in present form has all the answers with its meddlesome bureaucracy.

But I do think - over the issue of Immigration, it is the wrong sole issue to Leave (as it is for many and UKIP). Control of immigration has been problematic for successive governments. Even leaving the EU it will be complex, expensive and possibly likely to be more divisive and could destabilize or undermine cohesion within Britain and will be exaggerated by a downturn in the economy,

As “Leaving”, -if not the most important issue this Country has grappled with since WW2 it certainly is one of them; and requires more consideration and involvement from the public, It is sad, pathetic that we (the public) have not been more involved with Europe. Not really understood or partaken fully: particularly when there has been a vote for MEP's. Recently, we have not been represented by allowing UKIP to have most representation of our Country in Europe. UKIP who wish to usurp the EU itself, and have not come forward with a positive alternative plan.

 Insular thinking and denial of Globalization, again de-regulation, potential economic downturn: all do not add up to a positive. Closer ties with America - especially regarding 'security' and trade: in my opinion are not a positive.

 Being part of the EU and trying as Europeans to change and influence our neighbours does make sense. Especially when other members are becoming disaffected. Many of us enjoy free movement around Europe and as yet, taking advantage of working/living there has still not been fully realized?

It is usually always healthier to look outwards. I believe Europe offers this, the alternative direction does not. My thoughts only ….

If the Petition in ‘no confidence was regarding the handling of Brexit, I would have signed it. However, I do not feel any certainty about ‘no confidence’ in foreign policy as I am not sufficiently aware of the issues: are any of us?

 Because the Petition takes in everything it could be interpreted as ‘Political’. Most: surely are aware that bringing something down without replacement is not prudent or anything else. The alternative a divided Party. One hand and side of which- is continuation of Blairite/ Thatcherism in agreement with the US Democrats and their Lobbyists including more destabilization of the ME- and done by stealth. The other side: although I sympathize with to some of the intent, offers a belief in the honesty of the ‘working man’ and the dishonesty of all Bankers. People used to say “Socialism was fine, if everyone was honest!”

From what I have seen- honesty does not belong to one class, creed or discipline: the same is so for dishonesty and corruption! There are ways, at least hopefully of encouraging better behavior and thwart bad in developed Democracies. But, that is about all! We also need to be aware and show more respect to Primitive Cultures whereby better behavior was part of life, and their evolvement (one of the many to be abused is the Aboriginal Culture).

This rush to commence Brexit, I think will make it more likely, when it hits people’s pockets that a general election will happen. Sadly, at that time Article 50 will be signed. It will be too late then and will only delay further - adding even more stress to the economy. The more the Government  hurries this through: the more they will be mistrusted. Rushing all through parliament without rethink by the People does not engender any trust whatsoever, Important risky direction require contingency plans World Trade Tariffs are not a good enough one?

The other ‘Liberal’ people taking to the streets in objection to the new President, for me, don’t either! It never ceases to amaze me just how many cloaks of camouflage people/parties are capable of donning and changing, frequently to serve self-interest.

There are people for the best of reasons have admirable sentiment and intent and are totally unaware of the larger orchestration of ‘the cloaks’, forever cavorting in background haze!

On the stage of Right and Left - one side has good ideas but no way of implementing them. The other has means of implementing them, no good ideas - and no intention of implementing any from the other side.

My brief foray into local politics for four years made this clear. Now as spectator I continue to observe it on the grander larger stage! I hope before I move on, others will have joined the enlightened, so it is in fact performed “on stage” and the farce not continued in “real life”.