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Life as we know it in Britain

Blog 11                                                                                  22/03/2017

Life as we know it in Britain

Children and babies do not ask to be born. Thinking of it: no one does, but one hopes that most have found an ability to make it all worthwhile. I suppose many animals don’t ask either: momentum is gathering of the rate of species now becoming extinct.

When we, because usually most people have a choice- not all, are given the opportunity we also become responsible not only for our own lives, but if able -to those around us, our place, environment, country and the planet on which we reside. One hopes this is the case?

With age – an awareness grows, just how transitory life is, it is a blessing and a gift. Scientists may be able to describe how life evolved and the time it took but as yet, as far as I am aware, no one knows why?

The reason of necessary responsibility is a necessity for future continuation of life on the Planet. We often hear confusing, in so far as conflicting, messages from different disciplines. I think particularly of the scientists. My observation is politicians may choose the messages conducive to their rule. A scientist with an unpopular message stands the risk of vilification.

I think in particular of a doctor who linked autism with certain vaccines. Rather than deal with a small number and research the reasons or not for his findings: expediency appeared to be preferred. It is often people with concerns: about the planet, war, suffering - the list is endless, who expose themselves to isolation and various degrees of vilification.

It appears members of the public in the main are best as compliant? If asking too many questions security may be alerted and any uncomfortable questions may be regarded as a breach of national security.

Most, are unaware what goes on in regard to what is deemed the interests of the country and its security. Most, I think believe it is all for the good- their good. It appears people do not have a say and because decisions now like going to war, the creation of more nuclear rubbish, the next war, the real economy, how dependent on certain other countries we may: are apparently; all decisions taken well outside public view and public choice.

Messages are repeated and repeated and if repeated enough times sway the people. Sometimes fear is used to get behind their government and usually to go to war. Bin Laden. Gaddafi, Saddam Hussain – were a reason- and it continues. People appear to be so pre-occupied with phones/iPads/social media and accruing followers.

We all hope that Brexit will be a success. But, expecting me to believe those leading are representing Great Britain in the interest of its citizens I find stretches any hope I may muster.

I see a group of ‘the right of the Tory Party’ wishing to spend money which would have gone to the EU. Largely in the well-endowed heartlands - on HS2 and a new runway for a City already oversubscribe to saturation (especially regarding property value) and now choked with fumes! It is also more money for the legal system as land owners squabble in their claims for compensation.

There will be plenty too for the new negotiations with the EU Countries. Fighting our corner within: would have been more sensible. To me it seems unnecessary and as things rocket up in price while talks go on and small farms go out of business no doubt the Eton educated group of Oxbridge continue talking.

People in the rest of the country remain outside, aghast and ignored. Dysfunctionality comes to mind illustrated well by present antics of the labour party.

As an on looker it appears self-interest and selfishness, party loyalty- appear more of a concern rather than for people, and a country. Tribal tactics and protection of each other’s backs continue unabashed.

At the end of the day they may say it was all for their wives! That way, it was women after all who were responsible for the mess. Perhaps going to war with women would have been less harmful instead of where we are heading perpetual war and misery for more millions. The economy usually picks up with more weapons and bombs. This has already been decided by people who know what we want and what is best for us!

Scientists have said it is when rather than if, (we can argue about the timing not if ) we are no longer able to remain on the Planet.  Nuclear waste and plastics in the seas are two elements which will deter life starting over. My observation is most scientists have proved over optimistic about the speed of development of climate change. People can continue to argue about the reason for the changes in our climate.

H. Bolton

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