Thursday, 15 December 2016

Dysfunction and Brexit!

BLOG 5 15/12/2016

Many presume- those of political orientation, if they don’t like one side the other must be right or correct! Another example of binary thinking!

Criticism of one faction will designate you as being a member of the other. This binary process of right to left, then left to right, is and has been an expensive unproductive process. That is for most -other than for the political party favoured at the time, and their friends!

As each side has become entrenched, it appears, at this time, each has become more extreme. I have often visualised this as two people looking through a drain pipe! One looks up and believes they should have it all and the other looks down! At present “the worker party” who cares for all the down-trodden and blames the greedy business people points in clear direction to more and more strikes!

The other, more a Right faction of the Tories nostalgically looks back to the ‘greatness’ of Britain. It appears expediency is the name of the game. With a long line of the ruling class they have little need to question anything, their track record being to divide and rule. If others are at each other’s throats- they have little challenge to their own lofty position.

Sadly neither group serves the Country. I am not alone in being somewhere in the middle. Aware and unbiased most people recognise it is necessary to have business and commerce to make the Country thrive. They also see a caring society which keeps poverty at arms-length is good for the people and good for a civilised country. (I like to think so?)

We are blindly approaching a commitment to Brexit, although its significance has not been realised. It is probably the most important “decision” if we can call it that, to have faced the country since our commitment to WW2.

The present Right wing faction of the Tories is reactionary. These people believe in ruling Britain, their treatment of the Scottish Government illustrates this attitude. These are the same people who have created mayhem and bloodshed throughout the world! Look at the Partition of India- the bloodshed, look at Israel, apartheid and continued friction/wars in the Middle East.

Look at the Labour party, or part of it. We have extremes within both Parties calling the shots -not representative groups. They are so extreme they are counter-productive for the Country? One wants strikes (or more money for workers -at whatever cost) and has embedded itself within the Public Sector to promote itself : it is unclear what the Right intend as they are less than candid in longer term view.

But it is clear that the Country is dysfunctional. Although the Government may assess what is a problem and what needs to be done- they appear totally unable to implement. This is, I believe due to Mr Brown embedding the Labour Party within the Public Sector when they spent tax payers money on reassessing job descriptions within that sector: it meant placing themselves in there too! Some, I believe are afraid of that Party and afraid of losing their jobs and afraid perhaps of the unions.

It has been expedient for the Labour party to prove just how uncaring the Tories are! Whatever cuts there are, by creating the greatest disruption, and inconvenience to the Public, they can then blame the Tories.

These are merely some differences creating dysfunction. We face the dogma of the Paper Article 50 being signed in March and no one knows or quite frankly seems to care (no one in the prospective parties). The Government wishes to appear decisive- whatever the cost to the rest of us, and the Labour (both factions within, find it expedient for their Party) to go along with it!

Is the significance of the occasion somewhat being slighted? There are so many different points of view in our Country: this may be seen as a threat by some of the Right. After Brexit we may be obliged for the economy to develop much closer ties with America. There is already talk of a trade deal, Is America better for us that Europe? America is preparing for war in Asia by the already installed military bases around China. Continual War and production of armaments economically favours a few and requires greater amounts in spending on “security” at the cost of Freedom and free speech. The NSA has full access to our emails if not everything else. Why it requires storing everything from all of us means perhaps anyone not agreeing with their system can be singled out – potentially?

The track record for British firms in the US is unfavourable, with endless expensive legal battles, which usually always conclude with them winning and large pay-outs from our side. BP is an example, Halliburton built the base of the rig in the Gulf, many of the individual claims made against BP were proven bogus but were still sustained? Standards of food and quality of life are something many British aspire to on the Continent: whereas American standards differ.

Sympathy with having a large bomb to give this Country standing have already been expressed. Is this really what people want? Sadly significant issues are rarely aired publicly.

Repetition of news not put in context distorts the picture. Experimentation in Canada by a Scottish doctor, using tapes and repetition, experimented with this idea: it apparently works, if people are told something enough times, they start believing it! The Oscar Awards and the BBC seem to have embraced the idea with gusto!

It is not clear when that paper is signed in March: what will happen. It appears clear the cost of everything will go up. It is likely some of those who voted for Brexit will change their minds. Whether it is possible to renegade on that agreement is unclear. It is more than likely people will want a General Election. This probably will be too late. It will delay and be indecisive for business and all Markets and make a Brexit even more damaging.

I believe smaller Parties voicing different opinion with close ties to their constituents and a form of proportional representation would serve the country better. Where MP’s vote according their consciences and constituents, rather than what their polarized party wants: would help this Country move forward.

Parties working together with common interest rather than polarising each other with continued jousting/quibbling/shouting/pointing in the Commons most people, I think- are extremely tired of.
A General Election before Article 50 would help to unify by giving voice and re-instate democracy: expressing a new awareness within the country and help all to move forward. Common interest requires nurturing rather than division.

My view is whether for or against “Brexit” this is secondary and a distraction- the issue is – is the implementation of a Brexit worse than staying in Europe and negotiating with our neighbours? We now live in a more Global world which is an opportunity?

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